Worldwide Blessing for Mother Earth

At Spring equinox and  Autumn equinox – each 8 p.m. local time at all over the planet. It begins with you, there is a wave of blessing,
it is growing, it is touching all of creation, it is touching every being.

Initiated by the Bliss Field of Blessing and Donald Jaskolla

Blessing is healing – blessing is touching

Blessing brings the good about

Blessing is a strong force

Everyone can bless

Join in and be a blessing for Mother Earth!

The vision: People are blessing the Earth and all beings all over the planet at the same local time. Since a good blessing is very healing, a wave of energy is created that is balancing and healing for Planet Earth – especially at equinox.

We call on all people to join in and to pass this information on. We are asking group leaders who are holding ceremonies or leading meditations to integrate the wave of blessing at 8 pm and thereby increase it.

If you join in or want to know more about similar projects of blessing, write an email to donald(at)angelos-zentrum(dot)de